Caring for Your Virgin Hair  

We Highly Encourage All of Our Customers to Follow the Listed Requirements on Divinely Designed Hair Bundles and Wigs. Once Installed It Is Most Important to Follow the Steps on A Weekly Basis to Ensure the Highest Quality Outcome.

  1. Shampoo the Hair A Quarter Sized Amount of Gentle Shampoo. Do Not Scrub It Too Hard as That Can Lead to Tangling of Hair

  2. Rinse the Shampoo with Warm Water. Warm Water Always Helps Open the Cuticle.

  3. Apply A Generous Amount of Conditioner and Run Your Fingers Through the Hair from The Top Down.

  4. Scrunch the Ends with Conditioner, These Remedies Split Ends with Ease 

  5. QUICK TIP: Comb the Conditioner Through with A Wide Tooth Comb. Rinse the Conditioner Out With Luke Warm Water.

  6. Do Not Rub the Hair to Dry It, Gently Pat or Air Dry.

  7. Air Drying Is the Best Method.

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